​​​​​​​The “Eyes of Time” is a chronicle of instances in and around the 1960s, at the time of the independence of Trinidad and Tobago.  These instances provide a space to contemplate the eye of Noel P. Norton, Trinidadian photographer, as he set about to capture historical moments in the life of a young independent nation.

The subjects of the photographs and Noel’s relationship with them contain, from his perspective, aspects of the country’s history.  The ‘Eyes of Time” speaks in fractions of a second about the people, both famous and characteristic, the politics, culture, industry and lifestyle in the early 1960s.

A lot has changed in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago over the 50 years of independence, but from a nostalgic perspective, each photograph seeks to evoke in the viewer stories of the ‘the way things were”, what “we used to do then” and “what we wish for now”.  By contemplating the photographs and discussing its content, the spectator adds a new perspective to complete the story.

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